Saturday, 6 April 2013

The HOST ~~ Epic, beautiful, lovely!

  Hey readers! Yeap, recently got a chance to feast my eyes on the latest sci-fi film, based on a novel by Stephenie Meyer, low-and-behold ~~~ The HOST! Ok, I honestly haven't got to read the novel itself before this, but I do know it's a sequel-kind-of series. Anyway, I was dragged along by my novel-fanatic friend Jason and together with my other friend Johnny, well that's how I got to watch this movie. I was given an introduction to the movie, and my friend Jason did the honors. Being not fond of scary and horror movies, Jason gave the impression that I was tricked into one. Oh! Who wouldn't anyway if you put it like this: ' An alien invasion into the human race wiping out all humans and controlling their minds and bodies!'. I was like, shit, come on, put it in a better explanation dude! XD

  Anyway, the movie starred Saoirse Ronan (try pronouncing her name properly, challenge accepted?) as the main character Melanie Stryder, Jake Abel as Ian (Wanderer's love crush), Max Irons as Jared (Melanie's boyfriend), Diane Kruger as The Seeker and William Hurt as Jeb (Melanie's uncle). Well now, ever wonder at the thought of having two minds? This masterpiece as I would call it, portrays the struggle between strong human souls and the HOST trying to take over both mind and body of the human race. It's quite complicated actually to explain it unless you have read the novel or just watch the movie and you'll get it.

  All in all to make it short, Melanie's body, known as HOST was being controlled by an alien soul named 'Wanderer', and as humans refer to 'it', it had to struggle for control over Melanie's strong fighting will.  The only way to differentiate humans and alien souls are the blue ringed circles in the eyes. Then there is the Seekers, who seeks out humans and insert alien souls into the human minds, an act said to purify human race. Melanie is in the Resistance where they hide in cover from the Seekers and resist them by trying to find way to extract the souls out of the human body. There are also the Healers who heal wounded bodies just by the spray of some magical gases. Cool! If only I could create such a gas, the medical world would be mine, muahahahhahahahahahha! Sorry, back to the story...

  I wouldn't want to give out too much here to avoid spoilers, but most of the story is based on romance. It was awesome to see Melanie, having her feelings towards the man she loved, Jared. But then, her body in which 'Wanderer' has taken over, had her own feelings towards another man, Ian. Hence, it wasn't just a fight to gain control of the human body, but a conflict in amongst feelings as well. It was epic once again to get one of the scenes where Jared and Ian took turns kissing Melanie a.k.a Wanderer to test Melanie's presence in the body of Wanderer. Shit, if only I were to be that lucky!

  Besides the wonderful showpiece and story-line, it was great to see Saoirse Ronan and Jake Abel back on the big screen once again. The last time I saw, erhemmm, watched their movies was Saoirse Ronan in 'Lovely Bones' and Jake Abel in 'Percy Jackson: The Lighting Thief' and 'I am Number 4'. Saoirse has really gotten beautiful though I still have problems pronouncing her name. Johnny 'fell in love' with her instantly! haha!

  Everything was going well till the end. They said 'All's well that end's well' right? Hmmmm, I wouldn't say it ain't a happy ending. It IS a happy ending, just the new form in which Wanderer took when she left Melanie's body was somewhat of a shocker for many. Could hear laughter, and gasps, and cries of 'oh no!' in the cinema. Even Jason started complaining beside mii. Well the new form is just really unexpected. I've forgotten the name of the actress, but I'm sure the producers could pick a better one though. And I wonder how Ian could still love the new form of Wanderer. If it were mii, I'll just stick with Melanie, Saoirse that is! She's just so so much prettier!

  Anyway, I guess that's true love (In which I don't get it that if you love a person, you love everything as the whole package, not just the soul. Would you love a soul in a very beautiful body, and then the soul changes to another non-appetizing body would you still love, that soul? Remember, you've already kissed that beautiful body. Food for thought). Other than that shocker, I would really recommend that you take some time admiring this masterpiece. It is a bit slow, the tempo, but it was really worth it, and it will worth more if you were to watch it with your loved ones. I was complaining actually in the end to have watched this movie with two guys, yuck! What the hell!!! I really need to get a girlfriend, FAST!!!

  It really is a beautiful movie, of course from a very lovely novel. It was great to watch something fresh and different once in a while. Amazing movie, must watch!!! And yeap, it's definitely a better movie than Twilight. Till then, adios!

Signing off,

Nickel Low CJ

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