Monday, 27 August 2012

Rojak Manjung (Perak)

Plaza Sitiawan

  Having tried Chinese food for some time already in Sri Manjung, it would seem that a change of taste is needed. Hence, I visited Restoran Rojak Manjung, a restaurant in the heart of Sri Manjung town. Well, it ain't that typical 'rojak buah' (mixed fruits in prawn paste) that we Northern's (Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan, Terengganu, Penang) usually have, but more like 'Passembor', or that's what they call it here, 'Rojak'.

  To get to here, you'll pass by James Cendol (check out James Cendol here: ), and straight on you'll see The Store on your right. The restaurant is just opposite on your left, make a U-turn and you'll get to it from there. The restaurant itself is quite a building (Plaza Sitiawan), so it won't be hard to spot. On entering, you could see all kinds of Malay foodstuff, from nasi lemak, nasi ayam to nasi campur. But the eye-catching sight was of course the was the one selling 'Rojak'.

Sets to choose from.

Price for each set.

  To order, you could choose from a variety of 'Rojak' sets from a price as low as RM3.50. But here, I would recommend you to choose the ingredients for your 'Rojak' according to your liking. Also, do take the 'cucur udang' (prawn crackers), that's the main ingredient for every 'Rojak' sold all and about Malaysia. 

Whole load of 'Rojak' ingredients!

Rojak Sri Manjung

  On taste, I'll be quite honest here. Overall, I'll rate it a 6/10, given that I've eaten so much awesome foodstuff these few weeks. But still, you'll have to try the 'cucur udang', crisp and fresh, it still is one of the best 'cucur udang' I've tasted in a long time.I'll also have to give praise to the gravy for the 'Rojak'. The gravy (kuah) is the one that scores here. Full of taste, a little spicy though, it goes really well with the other ingredients, certainly worth a try. Nasi campur and other foods are sold as well, but the prices for that are in fact higher than many other restaurants in Sri Manjung. Fruit juices are sold here as well, do note. 

Carrot milk juice.

Apple lime juice.

  So, as the title suggests, you would really want to try the 'Rojak' here instead of anything else. It is worth a try no doubt, after all, locals do claim it's the best 'Rojak' in Manjung!

Signing off:

Nickel Low CJ

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